Waterproof Vinyl Flooring

For bathrooms and kitchens, Top Flooring Store carries high-quality waterproof vinyl flooring, backed by PVC (a synthetic polymer). Vinyl comes in thicknesses from 2 mm to 8+ mm and our wide array of patterns, textures, thicknesses, colors, and designs ensure you’ll find something of interest. Contractors and home owners enjoy the luxury of hardwood floor but without the warping, not to mention the expense. This material is increasingly popular and it’s easy to see why: upgrading a home with waterproof vinyl flooring means convenience and easy maintenance and when you purchase it from Top Flooring Store, it also means unmatched value. This flooring typically has four layers of construction: a backing, the core, the luxury vinyl top layer, and the wear layer. There are two types of waterproof vinyl: wood-plastic composite vinyl planks (WPC) and stone-plastic composite vinyl planks (SPC). Initially, they might look the same. However, they’re made with different core materials, and one option might suit you better than the others. What’s incredible is how many people will swear it’s real wood or stone.

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